Saturday, May 19, 2007

Back to bettas

This was my first successful spawn after I returned to the hobby from an absence of about 9 years. Unfortunately I was new to fish photography at the time and didn’t get good pictures of either parent. The metallic royal blue plakat male was from St Kilda Aquarium and the turquoise crowntail female was from a chain pet store at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

I didn't have a defined goal in mind. I just spawned the best fish I could find at the time. The resulting fry were mostly royal blue and green plus a few marbles and black lace. Apart from a few exceptions there was a great deal of red wash. There were varying degrees of webbing reduction in the offspring. Mostly in the caudal fin although some individuals did have fringing in the other fins.

Had I been more dilligent I would have used the offspring to work on a crowntail plakat. But when I worked on the punnet square and determined that only a very small percentage of the following generation would carry both traits, I lost enthusiasm for the project. It would have been quite difficult to differentiate them from their siblings that didn't carry both traits. So I would have had to do several sibling spawns in the hope of getting to the CTPK goal. It's a project for some time in the future, perhaps.

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