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Hello and Welcome! My name is Michael and I am committed to developing the betta hobby in Australia by sharing information about breeding and caring for bettas. My fishroom is located in Melbourne, Australia.

The name Bettarazzi is a play on betta + papparazzi.

The picture on the banner is of a Melano halfmoon which doesn't look like that in real life. The turquoise colour in his fins is because of the background used in the orginal photo.

By and large, all of the articles are my own work and the photographs have been taken by me. In general I only write about subject matter that I have first-hand knowledge of. If I don't have personal experience or if I am quoting someone else I usually make it pretty clear in the article.

© 2010 All content is copyrighted to Bettarazzi, with all rights reserved. You may not use any material, images, photos or content without written permission. You may however link to my work as much as you like. I am not completely unreasonable. If you wish to use my content in a medium that does not allow linking (eg. print media), please contact me to discuss.

All comments belong to their authors, and I assume no responsiblity for the words that others may write in comments. I do, however, reserve the right to remove any comments that I find unacceptable, distasteful, offensive or simply because I felt like it.

As I am not in public office I am entirely free to receive gifts. If you would like to show your appreciation for the work that has gone into this blog, I would be delighted if something from my Amazon Wish List should appear at my doorstep.
Bettarazzi's Amazon Wish List

Bettarazzi's Amazon Wish List

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