Saturday, April 23, 2011

Super Blue spawn at 6 weeks

Photos of my super blue spawn at 6 weeks old. Looks like super blue behaves just like royal blue. There look to be turquoise and steel fry. These fry are quite a lot smaller than they should be at this age. This is largely my fault for keeping them in overcrowded conditions for too long. Hopefully they'll catch up now that I've rectified the issue.
Turquoise fry
And this I guess is steel


  1. hi
    your blog is awesome,i like the template which you have used.
    what your feeding your betta frys,looks quite big for a 6week,is it brine shrimps or grindalworms

    keep up the good work,happy fish keeping

    1. Thanks. Unfortunately I've been too busy to blog and have been pretty silent for nearly a year. I feed my fry baby brine shrimp to start off with then by about 3-4 weeks I add grindal worms. By 6 weeks I start trying them on frozen bloodworms and dry pellets (usually NLS Growth Formula).